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MARCH4MHC is turning 5!

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MARCH4MHC is turning 5!

Help us celebrate this fifth anniversary milestone. 

On March 7–8, join us in supporting the place that has emboldened and empowered so many to press forward for change. Make a gift of any size to The Mount Holyoke Fund as part of the March4MHC Challenge and invest in the future of MHC. 

The goal is at least 5,000 donors.

The power of participation: 

A group of anonymous donors will champion our efforts by giving $50,000 to The Mount Holyoke Fund for every 500 donors who make a gift during the challenge days, up to $500,000!

Mount Holyoke students are passionate, resilient and dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge. Your challenge gift to The Mount Holyoke Fund will both empower our students in their individual journeys and uphold the legacy of academic excellence and distinction that defines Mount Holyoke.

Your gift matters. Every gift matters. We’re always so much stronger together

Who can participate? (Hint… it’s everyone!) 

This is a real community challenge, meaning any alum, family member, student, faculty, staff or friend of the College is welcome to participate! With that said, each donor will be counted only once, so encourage all of your classmates, friends and family to join the fun so we can earn the full $500,000 in challenge funds.

How can I give? 

On March 7–8, make your gift:

*If you have questions about how to make a gift, please reach out to

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