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Corina Gochoco

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Corina Gochoco was named U. of the Philippines Scientist 3, the highest award given by the U. for scientific productivity. She retired in Aug. 2022 upon reaching the age for compulsory retirement. She has been named professor emeritus, one of only 13 from UP Diliman since 2020. She had laparoscopic surgery to remove her right ovary 3 days after she officially retired because it looked like the cyst therein had gotten much bigger over the years of the pandemic. Fortunately, there was little down time and she was given a clean bill of health afterwards. In late Oct. she attended an academic conference in Seoul and took the opportunity to catch up with Yu Kyung Whang. They had not seen each other since graduation in ’78 and had a lot to catch up on! Corina’s husband, Carlos, is also retiring from UP in June. Her son, Xavi, graduated with a PhD in economics from the U. of Houston in May 2021 and has been working as a research fellow at the Sim Kee Boon Institute for Financial Economics at Singapore Management U. since Nov. 2021. Her younger son, Migo, expects to graduate with a PhD in physics from Stony Brook in May.

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